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Band Members:

Saif Samejo, Atif Kalyar, Nomi Ali


“The Sketches have created a philosophy which allows us to liberate music from its conventional understanding & educate the young generation about our ancestors – taking their wisdom, acting on it in the present, and for the women & girls, we intend to build a safe land with our strings where they are free to hope & dream again.”

– The Sketches
Saif Samejo, the architect of Lahooti, embarked on a journey of Folk and Contemporary music by forming The Sketches in 2003. His understanding of distinct, mystic folk sounds that had an everlasting impression on his auditory perception. This
quality beautifully shaped the identity of The Sketches, as this organic essence of the band was visible in their first album Dastakari, which was indeed a breath of fresh air amid the mainstream music of Pakistan.

This new approach towards folk music not only promoted indigenous musicians and artists but also empowered people of their areas to stand up for their rights, be it education, honoring their land or claiming their traditional culture values to unite for a
collective cause.

The Sketches have been successful in creating a personal philosophy which allows them to liberate music from its conventional understanding. Their music has educated the young generation about their ancestors – taking their wisdom and acting on it in the present, and for the women and girl-child, they intend to build a safe land with their strings where they are free to hope and dream again. The love for their language and culture is aimed to bring back the departed old identity and to produce quality work in order to sensitize the world in general and the youth in specific about the grace of Sindhi language.

The band released their second album You in 2016 that celebrates tranquility and bliss within petite moments that are very much evaded in today’s world. Preserving the ancient beauty of Sufi sound and nourishing fusion arts and poetry, The Sketches firmly believes in displaying a captivating impression of Pakistan’s music and culture, through their unsparing initiative of social activism.

Their third album, Saanjhi evokes the culture and landscape of the motherland – the vast desolate barren hills, the night sky, spaced out singular trees in the distance, the stillness during sunrise, the setting of the sun on the horizon and wreaths swinging in the warm breeze.

The band is currently working on their fourth album