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1Ishq Laga, Mann Jaga
2Panchion Ka Gaoon
4Faani Aur Baqa
6Boorhay Darakht
7Ram Kali
8Aashiq Mast Jalali
10Dil Jo Dost (Unplugged)


For Saanjhi, Saif Samejo took on the role of vocalist, lyricist, and composer while Nomi Ali, the band’s chief guitarist, focused on musical arrangements; drums and percussions featured are mostly studio mix and Umesh Pandit from Nepal is featured on the flute.

Combined, this is The Sketches at their best because they’re attempting new things on the album, one of those being Saif Samejo choosing to write lyrics and not only featuring the verses of the late Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai or even Bulleh Shah.

Saanjhi Music Video